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Name:Community Advertising
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Need something pimped? Pimp it here!
This is another mirror of the pre-existing community of the same name of the original on Live Journal and other mirror Insane Journal as well.

Same rules apply of course:

Do you really need something pimped out to the rest of the Internet world?

Your journal? A community perhaps? A cool website?

This is your chance!


-Have fun! ♥

*New rules* (and warnings)

1. If making graphic-heavy posts please make sure your banners are at most 500x500.
2. If your post is very long (or taking up too much empty space) I would highly recommend a lj cut or suffer deletion.
3. If posting waay too many pictures or posts in one day (or few days 2-3) the excess posts may be subject to deletion without comment.


(Please request in comment or post with or without advertisement to affiliate if interested. Additionally you may also IM me with any affiliation requests you may have.)

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